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SCHOTT SEFUSE®                                           

SCHOTT develops and manufactures thermal link protection devices, widely known as SEFUSE®. These devices are designed to protect industrial and home electrical equipment from catching fire by sensing overheating and cutting off the electrical circuit immediately.

There are two SEFUSE® types: SF and SM. Both types suit the needs of a wide range of applications. The SF-type uses thermosensitive material as the thermal pellet, while the SM-type uses a fusible alloy.

SCHOTT SEFUSE® Advantages:

Trusted: For many decades, SEFUSE® has been one of the most renowned a trusted brands of thermal links worldwide.

Safe & Reliable: SCHOTT SEFUSE® thermal links are highly reliable thermal protection devices that provide excellent, long- lasting performance and meet numerous international industrial safety standards, such as UL, VDE, CCC, PSE, etc. SEFUSE® SF-type fuses, except SF/K series, have a ceramic pipe that alleviates stress that may occur on the sealing resin when the leads are bent, thereby reliably holding the leads in place.

Eco-friendly: SEFUSE® thermal links contain no hazardous substances and comply with WEEE and RoHS standards. In addition, the sliding contact of SEFUSE® SF-type thermal links are made of an environmentally-friendly silver copper oxide (AgCuO) material that is patented worldwide.

Safety standards


Small home appliances

Coffee makers, electric kettles, bread makers, rice cookers, hot plates, irons, hair dryers *SF-type, SM-type


Automotive air conditioners, seat heaters, engine cooling *SF-type

Office equipment

Copiers, laser beam printers, facsimile copiers, power taps *SF-type

Large home appliances

Airconditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, fan heaters, electrical toilets, gas boilers, electrical tables with heaters *SF-type, SM-type

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SF/R series

SFH/R series

SM/A series