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LONCO has long been involved in communication & electrical industry from components to metal conductors. 

Specifically we are specialised in connectors, modules and terminal blocks applied to different applications from computer and tele-communication network system, accessories in lighting and power supply applications while we also supply conductive materials such as brass coil and polymer inks.

Being the core part of our company, our home appliance department offers a wide variety of components for home appliances from thermal fuses, thermostats, furnace controls and sensors, stainless steel and brass filter, grinder stone and wheel, silver contact point parts for water heaters, stoves, washers, dryers, telephones, and many more.  


Battery Protectors

SCHOTT SEFUSE® battery fuses offer comprehensive protection for electronic devices. The design and functionality protects Li-ion batteries from potentially damaging and dangerous overcurrent and overcharging circumstances.

Modular Connectors

Bel Stewart Connector has engineered a series of connectors to accommodate all Ethernet applications in one simplistic design.  All connector products are designed to meet current performance standards.

Luminaire Connectors

Lonco supplies from Hong Kong/ China a full range of electrical components made in our China mainland factory.  Our team of experienced professionals ensure supply of quality components such as...

Conductive and Anti-static Polymer

Orgacon is a meaning of Organic Conductive materials. The characteristic of Orgacon is simply a transparent but also printable conductive material. There are vast applications where transparent properties are required. 

Nano Silver Ink

Screen printing flake silver ink has been in practice for many years in printed electronics, there is a growing trend towards Nano-silver ink due to the higher efficiency of sintering and the reduction in the amount of ink required.

Brass Coil

Our product range includes copper and copper alloy in the form of foil, strip or sheet able to cover a large variety of international standards and applications. Copper foil is mainly used in Flexible Circuit (FPC) while Copper coil is used in Watch Dials.