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Electrification becomes one of the very important sectors in the automotive industry these recent years.

Lonco takes the advantages of having over 35 years of experiences in the electric motor manufacturing, leaded us to the entry of New Energy Vehicles Industry. We are focusing on different technologies and equipment to manufacture E-motors for different applications, including but not limited to 48V, hybrid and full EV traction.

New energy vehicles have become one of the most fast growing sectors in the automotive industry in the recent decade due to the environmental awareness and the latest development of 5G network.

Taking advantage of having 30 years of motor manufacturing background, Lonco has been successfully stepped into the new energy vehicles industry, and provides a variety range of motor manufacturing equipment that to be used for motors on hybrid and electric vehicles applications. In terms of stator winding production, it provides the industry with the most advanced flat conductor copper wire and round wire winding technology solutions.

Our long experience and enormous network allowed us to provide all rounded solutions from prototyping to mass production equipment and the related components.

Stator Winding


Tecnomatic is one of the World’s leading companies on the hairpin technology, having over 200 patents in the field. We work with them to provide professional advice on the design of motor based on the expertise and experience.

Round Wire

Round Wire Technology enables the production of stators for the E-power train of electric and hybrid cars.  Elmotec Statomat has developed a patent for winding with 20-times parallel wires.

Other Equipment

Fusing Machine

Stator enameled wire coils, lead wires and soldering to terminals.  This process is time-saving and reliable. No necessary to remove enamel coating on the copper wires.  The equipment generates heat to vaporize the outer layer of the wire coating and to compress the wires together.

Varnishing and Epoxy Coating Machine

HeatTek primarily designed and built convection ovens, however with the changes from high VOC based varnishes to water based varnishes and epoxies and quick curing resin formulations the equipment has evolved into smaller lean cell concept machines.

Balancing Machine

Balancing is a must for modern machines running at high rotational speeds and/or requiring high precision.  During balancing, the mass distribution of a rotating body is changed in such a way that the forces and vibrations caused by the unbalance stay within permissible limits.

Commutator Inspection Unit

ETAlyser purpose to assist the customer to improve their product quality and assist operators in maintaining quality control of the process by analysis the faults detected on commutator's armature parameters after turning.


Lamination Stack

EuroGroup Laminations is a company that focuses on the production of high-tech stators and rotors to power a variety of applications, including the booming EV industry. 

Insulation Tube

Polygon Tube® double insulation tubing is used as a sleeve within the armatures of electric motors. It acts as a secondary layer of insulation and provides shock protection to the operators of electrical tools and appliances. 

Composite Bearing

Tailored to meet your design and performance needs, Polygon's PolyLube bearings are plain continuous fiber reinforced self-lubricated composite bearings that provide strength and performance.

Lacing Cord

Working in close cooperation with lacing equipment industry leaders, A&E delivers the ultimate in high performance lacing cords.

Balancing Putty

Two part epoxy balancing compound for addition balancing of electric motor armatures, rotors, and fans.