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Luminescent x-ray material also known as scintillator which is to transform ionising radiation into UV or visible light. This special character is used for imaging methods mainly in medical and safety engineering (luggage inspection) and also detection of radioactive radiation.

Our scintillator materials are based on GOS (Gd2O2S:Tb3, Gd2O2S:Ce3, Pr3) as well as anhydrous rare-earth halides such as CeBr3 which can be made into form of ceramics, films or mono-crystal.

Indirect type flat-panel detectors have been in widespread clinical use. For digital x-ray imaging. It uses scintillator to convert x-ray energy to optical photons, which are then converted to electronic signals. These signals are read out with a large area integrated circuit with amorphous silicon (a-Si) photodiodes and thin film transistors. Scintillator is a luminescence material (GOS) which excites light by ionizing radiation when it is exposed to x-ray energy.