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We have established our position to provide a vast varieties of Anti-counterfeiting and Display Materials benefiting since the launch of iPhone over a decade ago including OCA, ITO, Prism films and a wide range of conductive polymer and silver pastes covering industries such as Display and Backlighting industries.

In addition to above, we’re also involved in the anti-counterfeiting industries by providing solutions of unique pigments in different characterises with custom made sensors. Our solution is being provided to a few major European bodies enable us to further introduce this technology to industries requires high security such as bank note, passport and high value products.

Here below a brief introduction to a few selective materials and feel free to contract us for details should you're interested in anything in particular.


Anti-counterfeiting Pigment

LWB's safety pigments protect against imitations, counterfeits and plagiarism by marking, authenticating and validating products and documents. For more than a decade, LWB has been a certified supplier of high-security products.

GOS Phosphor

Luminescent x-ray materials are also called scintillators. Their job is to transform ionising radiation into UV or visible light. This property is used for imaging methods in medical and safety engineering (luggage inspection).

Electroluminescent Phosphor

LWB offers many different emission colours ranging from blue, cyan and green to orange and white. The correlated colour temperature (CCT) of white shades can be adjusted to match our customers' needs by changing the composition of materials such that the application can later produce warm or cool white shades.

Nano Silver Ink

Screen printing flake silver ink has been in practice for many years in printed electronics, there is a growing trend towards Nano-silver ink due to the higher efficiency of sintering and the reduction in the amount of ink required.