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SEFUSE® D6 Battery Protector                 

Why are battery fuses needed?

Safety is the top priority for electronic devices, battery-powered tools, and vehicles. This has led to increased demand for highly reliable battery fuses. These components are designed to protect Li-ion batteries from potentially damaging and dangerous overcurrent and overcharging circumstances. At the same time, due to space limitations, the battery fuses must be extremely small – typically surface-mount types.

SCHOTT SEFUSEⓇ D6 battery fuses offer reliable overcurrent and overcharging protection for Li-ion batteries.

SEFUSEⓇ D6 battery fuses offer the following advantages:
•    Suitable for high currents and compatible with up to 14 cells
•    Many variations available with different current and package sizes
•    Extremely thin and compact surface mount designs
•    RoHS Compliant 
•    Antimony-free
•    Halogen-free

D6 battery fuses are used for battery packs in:

High-current applications
•    Rechargeable power / garden tools
•    Cordless and robotic vacuum cleaners
•    E-bikes and E-motorcycles
•    Energy Storage Systems
Devices requiring miniaturized designs
•    Notebooks
•    Smartphones
•    Tablet PCs


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SEFUSEⓇ D6SA battery fuses

SEFUSEⓇ D6SC battery fuses