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The Complete Solution of Balancing

Universal machines, active balancing systems, portable balancing instruments and special solutions from Hofmann ensure durability and smooth operation.

Every rotating body has unbalance, because the center of gravity of its mass axis never coincides with the rotational axis. The magnitude of this unbalance depends on many factors, including the methods used for machining or assembly. When a rotating body is revolving in its bearings the unbalance causes dynamic forces. The results are, for example, poor efficiency, high loads, wear and noise. At the same time, hazards to people, machines and the environment may occur. Therefore, balancing is a must for modern machines running at high rotational speeds and/or requiring high precision. During balancing, the mass distribution of a rotating body is changed in such a way that the forces and vibrations caused by the unbalance stay within permissible limits.

To this end, Hofmann offers balancing technologies in four product groups:

Universal Balancing Machines

Hofmann universal balancing machines are the solution to precisely balance all kinds of rotors. The solutions are divided into three product categories:

  • Horizontal Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines
  • Vertical Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines
  • Unbalance Measuring Systems

Active Balancing Systems

With Hofmann’s active balancing systems, you can measure and correct unbalance without interrupting operation!


With Hofmann’s portable vibration meters, balancing instruments, machine and spindle monitors and vibration sensors, you are ideally equipped for local applications.

Special Solutions

Balancing solutions for high-volume production with automated unbalance correction, precise balancing technology for the aviation industry, and high-speed balancing installations for turbo-rotors and measuring machines