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We have wide range of Anti-Counterfeiting pigment where can be customised into varieties of safety solutions against imitations and increasing counterfeiting threats on money notes, passports, stamps and many other anti-counterfeit features where high level security is required.

Benefits of inorganic pigment in security feature

  • Very stable against environmental influences.
  • High differentiation of the spectra.
  • Application in harsh environment (Temperature and Humidity).

Theory of inorganic pigment in security feature

  • Pigment can be easily applied into different substrate such as paper, plastic or fibre by printing or molding process.
  • Pigment generally is invisible in normal condition but excited by preset IR or UV exposure.
  • More information can be hidden in the pigment but only known to authorized bodies or person. Those information could be preset decay time or excitation intensity.

Application of security pigment

  • National Printing Bureau or Central Bank - Banknotes, Passports, Postal Stamps.
  • Special Paper, Ink or Printing companies Develop into special inks applied to commercial packaging such as cigarette and luxury item packing.
  • Recycle business pigment can be integrated into plastic to give unique identity which can be recognized & classified in recycle industry.

Our technology and past experience enable us to provide the best suited solution to integrate security features to your specific need.