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Since 1984, Lonco has been in the machinery and electronic parts trading business. For the past decades taking advantage of the aid of China's emerging rapid growth, our business development has focused on motor manufacturing machinery, electrical/ electronic components, electronic displays, and counterfeiting chemicals. As we evolved with the market trends, we have introduced numerous advanced technologies to distinctive industries. Take Motor manufacturing, for instance, our sector produces a wide range from assembling a simple fan motor to intricate compressors and new electric vehicle stators.

Our strong business network and substantial portfolio have enabled us to be the sole distributor of many major leading technologies and products worldwide. Our clientele expands from Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, the USA, Italy, Germany and many more. Our dynamic team with exceptional technical background is ready to provide professional solutions to deal with different industries' consultations. Get connected with us to discover how we could accelerate your business to full potential together as a strong alliance.