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BC-22 is a two part epoxy balancing compound for using in weight addition balancing of electric motor armatures, rotors, and fan.  BC-22 has a smooth, fibrous, putty-like consistency which keeps the compound from migrating during the balancing process.  Two two componets of the BC-22, parts A ana B, are mixed 1:1 by volume or by weight.  BC-22 Part A Blue and BC-22 Part B Yellow are easily mixed by hand until the color is a consistent Green.  The BC-22 may then be placed ont he motor armature as indicated by the balancer.

Part A  Specific Gravity (g/cc)  2.5     color : Blue

Part B  Specific Gravity (g/cc)  2.5     color : Yellow

Mix Ratio:                  1:1  ( weight or Volume )

Shore D Hardness: 85

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Balancing Putty BC-22