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Apart from stator winding, Lonco also provides advance solutions around different processes of motor manufacturing, including varnishing/coating, balancing, thermo-crimping, testing etc.


Fusing Machine

Stator enameled wire coils, lead wires and soldering to terminals.  This process is time-saving and reliable. No necessary to remove enamel coating on the copper wires.  The equipment generates heat to vaporize the outer layer of the wire coating and to compress the wires together.

Varnishing and Epoxy Coating Machine

HeatTek primarily designed and built convection ovens, however with the changes from high VOC based varnishes to water based varnishes and epoxies and quick curing resin formulations the equipment has evolved into smaller lean cell concept machines.

Balancing Machine

Balancing is a must for modern machines running at high rotational speeds and/or requiring high precision.  During balancing, the mass distribution of a rotating body is changed in such a way that the forces and vibrations caused by the unbalance stay within permissible limits.

Commutator Inspection Unit

ETAlyser purpose to assist the customer to improve their product quality and assist operators in maintaining quality control of the process by analysis the faults detected on commutator's armature parameters after turning.