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Electroluminescent is a clever alternative to LED to be used in backlighting or light strip purpose. Compared to LED, it has distinctive advantage of:

  • Thin and flexible in shape.
  • Low energy consumption and heat generation.
  • Mild emission and High penetration.
  • Can be printable, sprayable and inkjet (under-development)

The construction is simply a combination to sandwich a few key functional layers by silk-screening printing. There are several colors available including white, orange, blue, green and blue green and switching of color is possible by adding filters.

There are numerous but these are the most popular applications.

  • Guide light tape or rail – can be used in walkways in cinema, airplane, pedestrian tunnels…etc.
  • Flexible backlight – can be used as backlight in most digital and analogue display such as watches, handheld and home appliances display.
  • Advertisement and Signage – Large profile commercial billboards and Posters, Road signs and Exit signs…etc.
  • Wire – Wire can be for Decoration purpose or integrated into ropes for Outdoor, Marine and rescue purpose.
  • Spray Paint and Ink Jet – These are areas where development have been focused in recent years and applications can be brought to other levels e.g. 3D should this be commercialized in near future.

We are able to provide all necessities & chemicals for construction of a complete EL lamp. Please feel free to contact us for consultation should you’re interested to know more.