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We also have a division, which supplies different kind of components applied in the electric motor.


Lamination Stack

EuroGroup Laminations is a company that focuses on the production of high-tech stators and rotors to power a variety of applications, including the booming EV industry. 

Insulation Tube

Polygon Tube® double insulation tubing is used as a sleeve within the armatures of electric motors. It acts as a secondary layer of insulation and provides shock protection to the operators of electrical tools and appliances. 

Composite Bearing

Tailored to meet your design and performance needs, Polygon's PolyLube bearings are plain continuous fiber reinforced self-lubricated composite bearings that provide strength and performance.

Lacing Cord

Working in close cooperation with lacing equipment industry leaders, A&E delivers the ultimate in high performance lacing cords.

Balancing Putty

Two part epoxy balancing compound for addition balancing of electric motor armatures, rotors, and fans.