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Tecnomatic is one of the World’s leading companies on the hairpin technology, having over 200 patents in the field. We work with them to provide mass production system for hairpin stator, as well as professional advice on the design of motor based on the expertise and experience to improve the motors efficiency and the benefit of the whole manufacturing process. Each of our proposed solution can be unique to the needs of individual customer. Our technical staffs and engineers will try their utmost effort to the details of every job into account to provide one-stop full service.

Starting from motor design, Tecnomatic has a specific R&D department to develop the product together with the customer to study on the product optimization and to make prototypes with profession equipment and tooling to ensure feasibility of the design in future mass production.

The Reasons for Hairpin Type Motor Winding:

  • Higher slot fill factor and efficiency
  • Compact winding overhead
  • Heat dissipation and overload ability
  • Compact motor design (With higher power / torque density)

e Offer Different Product Design and Process Ability:

Tecnomatic is present, through their systems, all over the world, having clients as major automobile manufacturers and Tier 1 companies, produces specialized hairpin winding systems for stators of electric motors, alternators, and generators, and we will be pleasure to tailor-made turnkey solutions based on your need.

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