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Stator and Rotor

At the heart of the motor are soft magnetic materials called electrical steels. The typically manufactured by steel mills in cold-rolled strips, then stamped into precisely-shaped thin laminations, which are stacked together to form the stator and rotor of a motor.

EuroGroup Laminations is a company that focuses on the production of high-tech stators and rotors to power a variety of applications, including the booming EV industry. The company works with all the major automakers and has a truly global reach, with facilities across the globe.

In the EV industry, there is a trend toward using thinner and thinner laminations, because the thinner you make the electrical steel, the better the magnetic characteristics of the core pack. However, these tightening specs have presented significant engineering challenges in manufacturing, as high-speed stamping and stacking of thin materials required process innovation.

In response to the demand for the electrification of vehicle drivetrains, EuroGroup became Tier-1, developing and implementing high tech solutions worldwide in the following key areas:

  • Cleanliness through white room and clean processes
  • Highly efficient blanking
  • Innovative assembly solutions based on interlocking, laser welding, glue Fastec, quick bonding and backlack
  • Automated rotor die-casting cells
  • Added value and improved quality by integration of the shaft insertion, CNC milling and balancing for rotors
  • State of the art laboratory testing devices