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Elmotec Statomat is pioneers in the production of stator manufacturing machines and world's largest supplier of machines for the production of stators for electric motors, alternators and generators.

Round Wire is one of our Bestselling Technologies for E-Mobility. We have great experiences with round wire hence we have been producing a lot of stator manufacturing lines for the automotive sector. Round Wire Technology enables the production of stators for the E-power train of electric and hybrid cars. Elmotec Statomat has developed a patent for winding with 20-times parallel wires, and many other different technologies as mentioned below.

E-Mobility: Round Wire

Technology Twist Free Winding
  • Hybrid & Electric drives for passenger cars
  • Fork lift motors
  • Construction & agricultural machines
Special features
  • Big numbers of parallel wires and high quality of the winding process
  • High slot fill factors
  • Our current standard technology for OEMs

Technology Wave Winding
  • Alternators
  • Hybrid & Electric drives for passenger cars
Special features
  • Patent for Technology of twist free wave winding.
  • Higher Energy Efficiency and less weight
Technology Segment Stators
  • Power steering drives for passenger cars
  • Servo Motors
Special features
  • Patent for Special Positioning system and Sufficient Wire Reel Break: enables higher energy effiency than other products in the market
Technology Needle Winding
  • Small Automotive Motors
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heating Pumps
  • Washing machine main drives, dryer motors, dish washer motors
  • Jalousie motors
Special features
  • High speed & efficient winder with optimized auxiliar time
  • Very flexibel in case of using different tools
  • Fully automatic wire lead handling and stator load / unload by using integrated robot
Technology Standard Winding (Compressors)
  • Semi - commercial compressors
  • Industrial compressors
  • Household refrigerator compressors
Special features
  • Patented inserting technology for high efficiency compressor motor stators
  • Fully automatic design for ultra-high volume production

For over 60 years we have used our advanced technological expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry to develop customer-specific solutions.

Our highly qualified team of engineers and technicians will work in close collaboration with you to realize your projects- from the conception and production of samples, through to the operation and provision of maintenance. We have worldwide over 50 patents in the stator manufacturing.